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It has been a few weeks now, and after receiving my news of a clear chest x ray, I also had to visit the surgery for a blood test.

A few days later the doctors surgery called to advise me that my blood tests have shown that I am Pre Diabetic with a scoring of 44! and to be diagnosed with diabetes your scoring would be 46... so its time to look at my diet and stop the cakes and sweets..

My blood tests have also shown that I have something going on with my thyroid, hopefully this will settle down over the next few weeks, as the doctor explained it could be numerous things, even with the stress of this cough.. could affect my thyroid.

I visited Dr Bedford with Phil, after my first set of antibiotics didn't do anything...

Phil was brilliant and I am so pleased he came with me, as he shared his concerns as well as mine.

I had been in touch with a friend of a friend who had a secondary breast cancer diagnosis in 2019 and her symptoms started with a cough, so this has really played on my mind, as it is a symptom of secondary breast cancer!!

Dr Bedford prescribed a stronger antibiotic for another week, which I have taken, and still no better!

On Wednesday 09th February, I had a call from Burton advising that my consultant Dr Persic was able to see me at Burton Hospital on the Friday, as she had had a cancellation. I felt as if I had won the lottery with the news, as I have felt so unwell.

I visited Dr Persic on Friday 11th, who gave me a good check over and has arranged a full body scan to find out what is actually going on.

Today: 28 February 2022.

I have contacted Dr Persic's secretary this morning and she has advised me that she can't see that I've been booked in yet and is chasing it up.

How I feel Today:

My cough has settled over the past week, although in a morning it can be quite draining.

I dread going to bed every night as the noise that comes from my chest keeps me awake, I usually lie on my side but I cannot do this at the moment so I am having to lie on my front, which can be uncomfortable at times due to my surgery, so as you can imagine its a bit of a battle.

I now have some sort of ache in my collar bone too, not a pain just something going on, it may be where I am lying on my front.. I'm sure the full body scan will tell all.

In the meantime I am cooking! Phil has bought me a Ninja Foodi Max and its amazing. so to pass the time I am trying out a few recipes, although I have the bathrooms to clean too!!!

I am still working and its been trial and error of hours, I started off with 4 hours a day, but have worked 6/7 hours on some days which have proved very difficult, on the Sunday I couldn't move my legs due to the pain and this happened again on the Wednesday.

Anyway I'm off here for now... those bathrooms don't clean themselves...I will update as soon as I hear from the hospital...

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