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After Operation Results - 31st December 2020 New Years Eve.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Today was the day I was going to find out how my operation went! Did they get it all? and what's the plan?

My appointment was at 15.45 at the Burton Breast Unit.

At around 10.00am I received a call from the Breast Unit, I initially thought they were going to cancel due to it being New Years Eve, but in fact it was to ask me to go in earlier at 2.30pm, so that was great news as I didn't want my journey to disrupt my New Years Eve Plans, and obviously the doctors had the same idea.

I arrived at the Breast Unit with Phil by my side and was greeted by reception. We sat and waited for 5/10 minutes and then were taken to meet my consultant, I'm sure her name was Susan William-Jones, and what a pleasure it was meeting her.

Susan was very straight to the point, and made sure I understood everything and explained the details I needed to know.

I was told that I had a Grade 3 Oestrogen receptor positive Breast Cancer and the cells had spread outside of the main tumour area to my chest wall, however these cancer cells that had spread had not been strong enough to travel any further than the chest wall, but.. the good news was that it had ALL been removed!

I was then told that due to my cancer results being Oestrogen Positive that they would be sent to USA for Oncotype Scoring and this takes about 3 weeks to come back.

I had previously been told by Mr Rogers that I would be most likely to have Radiotherapy for a week block, however I now have to wait to find out my scoring, this will determine my treatment and to see if Chemotherapy is needed.. as you have to have Chemotherapy before the Radiotherapy.

I also checked with the Consultant on that day about my wounds, I had been glued under my breast where the tumour had been taken out, it is about 2.5" long and so uncomfortable as the glue had sunken into my skin underneath, and there was also what seemed to be a small piece of stitch protruding.. but I was confused as I thought it was just glued.. but it was a stitch and was told to leave well alone..

The only other question I had which had been bothering me was " my 3 girls" were they in danger of having this awful disease?

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