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Anastrazole | Dentist

Hi all,

I wasn't sure if to carry on with my blog, however I have had lots of messages and it has become apparent that lots of you are asking about my medication Anastrazole, this is my oestrogen blocker tablet that I take daily to block the oestrogen in my body as part of my Cancer is Oestrogen receptive.

I started Anastrazole on the 13 August 2021, after my last day of radiotherapy.

The first month I had no side effects from the drug at all, however the second month and following months have been very different.

I'm not actually sure of the brand I first took, but the second brand was Accord, the third brand was Sandoz and now I am taking a brand called Teva.

After joining a group I have found out that different brands can have different side effects, and this is very true!

After taking these drugs now for 3 months, the side effects can be debilitating, some days are worse than others.

Some days I don't want to move, but as you know I have a new puppy in the house and she needs walking and that 20 minute walk of a morning and evening helps get my body moving.

If I needed to explain how I feel right now, I feel lethargic most days and I feel like I have arthritis in the whole of my body, however the pain in my hands, knees and ankles are the worse.

There are days that I think " I can't do this" but I know I have too.. and try to remember that this will one day pass, that I won't always feel like this.. but its hard.

I have spoken to an oncologist recently about my side effects and what I can do to combat this feeling and he has advised me to take pain killers until my next review in January 2022.

The thought of me coping with this for the next 5 years whilst on this medication is hard, although I know it has a job to do and keep the cancer at bay... I totally understand why women take the risk and do not take this drug.

I am worried about returning to work and how I am going to feel, but know I will have to wait until I have returned to find out how I am going to cope and cannot speculate beforehand.

In the past month I have also had to visit the Dentist, I am registered at 321 Dental Care in Walmley and my dentist is Simon Loescher.

Well! I don't like the dentist.. nothing against Simon... but just don't like dentists at all..

My Oncologist advised that I needed to visit my Dentist before I can have my Infusions, so I have been forced to visit the Dentist after 8 Years!!!

After the initial check up, I was advised by Simon that I required two fillings and that they had a cancellation for the following day, so there was no time for me to dwell, although the next morning I did think about cancelling, however I sat and thought, look what I've just been through, the dentist will be a walk in the park & I was right!

Simon was fab!! I actually joked with him and said his getting better as I didn't feel a thing, he completed my fillings, and a scale and polish and I'm now set for my infusions.

Simon... I will definitely not be waiting another 8 Years!! See you in 12 months.

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