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Chemo Day - 1st Treatment of EC

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

My appointment was for 1pm today, Phil and I left the house at 12.00 noon and travelled to Burton, with my little red heart in my pocket that my friend Gina had kindly given to me to hold.

We arrived at the Main Hospital and booked into reception A, and we were then met by a nurse and taken to the Chemo Suite which was busier than I thought it would be, its actually shocking to see how many people are affected by this awful disease.. heart breaking infact.

We were asked to take a seat, so I picked a seat up the corner, I had two ladies on the left of me and one on my right, separated by screens due to Covid & there was a seat right next to me for Phil.

I was then greeted by my nurse Angi, who was just amazing, it was like I had met up with an old friend.

Angi, summarised my chemo treatment, just to make sure I knew exactly what I was having and if I had any questions that needed answering.

I was receiving the EC Chemo today, EC is a combination of two Chemotherapy drugs used to treat breast cancer. It takes its name from the initials of these drugs: epirubicin. cyclophosphamide.

I was given some crisps and biscuits a coffee and a cup of water as I had only had my breakfast, I really couldn't stomach any lunch just beforehand with my nerves, but hopefully now I know what to expect, so I will be eating something before I have my next treatments.

I was given a cushion for under my arm, and Angi administered my canula into my right hand.

I was then hooked up to a saline drip from one side of the canula and then it was time for my EC.

The EC is a combination of two drugs given through quite large syringes, the first two being red in colour and the last two being clear, you are advised that your Urine is going to be red!! Honestly through Breast cancer surgery and Chemo, I think I will of peed every colour of the rainbow.

This process took in total an hour and a half, it wasn't uncomfortable at all, you feel a cold sensation through your hand and the lower part of your arm, and you are also advised that you may have a strange taste in your mouth, but I didn't encounter this, but with this in mind I would like to tell you of something on the market that I didn't know about, My dear friend Jade who I love dearly & her husband dropped off a gift bag for me at the weekend with some sweets and moisturiser, the sweets are called Queasy drops that doctors recommend and are Gluten Free!! they are brilliant for that horrible taste that you may get and queasy stomach, so thank you Jade, Keric & Family.

The hour and half went so quick, as I said Angi was so lovely, she made myself and Phil feel so comfortable, we chatted about cars... and wheels refurbishment (Angi had done on her own car wheels) and an amazing job she did!! . We laughed about how the side effects might effect me being tired and not being able to do much around the house...Phil and I just laughed and said no change there then.. haha.. the cheek!! we also discussed about how many needles to expect over the coming months and how a Picc line would be advantageous to have, as its something that is fitted for the duration of my treatment, where my medication and my bloods can be taken easily, so I will be having that fitted as soon as possible (usually administered on a Monday and I will report on that at a later date.

So overall, for what is such a toxic drug, the experience of my treatment was the best thanks to Angi.

I was then given just before I left the hospital my Chemotherapy Record Book and amazing little book with everything you need to know and a card with a number for 24 hour care to contact the nurses with anything.. absolutely anything which is very reassuring when you have had this treatment and you don't know what to expect or how you are going to react to this treatment.

I was also given anti sickness drugs Metoclopramide & Dexamethasone which are steriods to help again with sickness, skin conditions, allergies and any swelling.

I arrived home at approx 4pm, so all in all 4 hours from my day.. not bad for my first Chemo day really.

I replied to as many messages as I could, and then just lay on the sofa and watched Ben Fogle, I just love his documentaries.

Phil, I know I don't have to write this but.... I just want to thank you for all your support so far, the time you have taken off work, to take me to all my hospital visits, you have been amazing through all this so far.

You have been my absolute rock! and I know that its not just me that has been affected by this but you and all of our children too and I'm very proud of our family. I love you with all my heart, Always (Babylon)

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