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Chemo Number 2!! What a Week...

Tuesday 30th March.

I woke up feeling pretty much on top of the world, even knowing that I was having my treatment today.

I thought I would make the effort, to put my wig on, make up on and help myself feel better as it was also my Moms birthday today, and I know that if I look better its not as hard on her either, Mom facetimes every day, she knows when I'm having a good or bad day.

This time round I was doing chemo on my own, all this due to Covid 19.

I drove myself to Burton, parked up and made my way to Reception A, it was quite busy today again, the sun was shining and I felt positive about the treatment.

I was prepared that if I was to encounter any side effects from this Chemo, I knew what I had to do, and that I could react quickly!

My nurse today was Sue, lovely nurse who asked me to pick a seat at the front part of the room, I sat by a lovely lady called Bepe and we chatted about certain treatments, and tips that we could share, ie: antibiotics, mouthwash, drinking lots of water, all the little things that when your having chemo matter..

My treatment today took about an hour, it seemed quicker than the first time round, I then packed up my bag and made my way home, back down the A38.

I arrived home and made my way into the garden, it was beautiful, the sky was blue and quite warm, Britney joined me and we chatted, sat on the swing and had a bit of a giggle and then I decided to attack the planter!! The Weeds!!!

The planter looks beautiful, but it all went down hill from there!

I walked in the house and felt green! lethargic and just generally unwell and felt that poorly that I took myself to bed! and I stayed there.

Phil and the girls, went over to Sutton to drop my moms birthday presents on the doorstep, I was so upset that I couldn't see her on her birthday, but there was no way that I was moving anywhere.

At 7.15pm I was physically sick, and I felt so unwell, but I just wanted to sleep, so that's what I did, on and off.

Phil returned home and insisted that I call the Hospital and I was having none of it.. I knew that I would be ok and that I just needed to rest.

Wednesday morning I woke up and Britney was on standby to take Pixie to the childminders, however I felt okay... until just before we went out the front door at 7.45am! when I had to lie down on the sofa for a few minutes before I made the trip...

Five minutes down the road and yes, the inevitable happened, I had to pull over, poor little Pixie was texting dad, letting him know I was poorly, but I managed to drop her off and get home, take my pills and rest! again it was a day of just listening to my body and resting, something I'm not used too!

Easter Weekend!

Good Friday - Thank god it was here, I had my man at home... and my mom could rest too, knowing I was in good hands.

Today I started my injections to boost my white blood cells, how the nurse instructed these to be given, well! I had imagined this injection was going to be very much like an epi pen...well I was very very wrong, on unpacking the needles, there was an inch needle!!! and I'm not bothered by needles but I couldn't of done this myself, so if you are having to have these injections, be prepared to get someone to do it for you.

Injections for white blood cells are taken on the 3rd day after chemo for 5 days, and are administered into the stomach, on alternate sides each day, the injections also have to be given at the same time each day.

I pretty much did nothing over the weekend. Sunday we had family visit in the garden which was wonderful, the sun was shining and we did our first Easter Egg hunt for Pixie & our grand daughter Scarlett.

Having all of my family around me on Easter Sunday was the most important thing of all and definitely lifted my spirits - #perfectday

Its now Thursday and today has been a good day, I woke up, cleaned a little, spoke to my HR Manager, and set up Pixie's little Jewellery Business online, as she has made a few pieces and wants to see if she can sell them, bless her.

I now have 11 days to enjoy life, as much as I can in my own home.. until the next chemo session, so I plan to exercise, do some baking, make some jewellery, just keep myself in a positive mindset.

Thank you to all my friends and family that have messaged this week, I am forever grateful for your support.

Joanne xxx

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