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Chemo Number 5.. Last but One...Tuesday 08th June 2021.

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

This morning I woke up prepared for the day ahead.

I planted some plants in the garden, did some washing, and then had a shower and thought I would make the effort and put some make up and jewellery on, and my new dress bought from a friends Boutique called Betty Boo-tique so I felt a bit more feminine, rather than my cap, jeans and hoodies.. which I have become accustomed too.

I dropped a text to Sara who I saw last time at the hospital to ask her to save me a seat, but unfortunately she has encountered problems over treatment, so was not there today.. which was sad news as I was looking forward to seeing her smiley face..

I left the house at around 12.15pm and drove to Burton Queens, arriving with 10 Minutes to spare.

I grabbed some snacks from the shop there, and also bought some fruit from outside, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries & Bananas which are such good quality.

I then made my way upstairs to Reception A, completed my form (Covid Questions) and sat and waited to be called.

I was called within 10 minutes and taken through, seat of my choice, so I sat near the entrance, there was a lady on my left and one straight in front of me..(who never spoke once) this is when I find it hard.. (I missed you Sara)

I love a good chat, as some of you know, and the process just seems so long winded.. thank god for Angie the nurse, Mandy & Jo too.. who love a good giggle.. during being professional of course!

I was hooked up to the intravenous drip with my medication and set for an hour.

To be fair the hour went quite quickly, as I munched through my snacks, checked my phone.. looked for clothes.. as I have fell out of love with clothes at the moment due to the weight gain.. I think I will stick to jeans and t-shirts for just a while longer..

I left at 3.15pm, with my dreaded white blood cell injections Filgrastim and my codeine pain killers, which if I suffer anything like last time I am going to need.

For anyone having Docetaxel or Filgrastim some of the side effects are pains in your joints, mine have been in my ankles, knees and wrists and it has felt like they have been hit with a hammer, especially at night when you are lying in bed.

Water retention, I now have ankles that hang over my shoes and reminded me of when I was pregnant with Pixie.. the joys.

Mouth - this is one of the worst, as I love to eat.. your taste buds slowly deteriorate and your mouth becomes furry.. due to your immune system not being able to fight the bacteria, and everything just tastes horrible!!!

On the 08th June it also happens to be my sister in laws birthday.

Jackie has a love for Butterflies and whilst I have had time on my hands, I have started to make Shadow Boxes and have come up with a little page called Shadow Box Flower Store.

I have a webpage which is currently under construction and an etsy page

I have only added so far the one I have made for Jackie, but please keep your eyes open and would love your comments on what you think?

I am in the process of making a full pink frame roses shadow box and a blue heart shadow box for a new born baby which will be added shortly.

I have quite a few designs up my sleeve and will be including a Cancer Quote Frame too.. with a positive message for those that are unlucky to be experiencing the difficult journey of Cancer and its treatment.

I look forward to your comments, I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, its been beautiful the past few weeks.

I look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Thank you for all your messages, I am forever grateful for all your support.

All my love Always

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