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It's been a while!

Hi everyone, and hi to my new followers too..

Since February its been madness here, my feet haven't touched the ground!

Since February I have received a CT Scan, MRI Scan and tried numerous painkillers for my back.

Eventually the scans have shown that there is a problem in my lower back and I will be receiving another MRI scan with contrast on the 19th June at Queens Burton Hospital.

March: what a busy month we had a few birthdays, our niece and nephews birthday and my mothers birthday too, so lots of celebrating.

I also had a dental check up, as when you are receiving bone infusions, they require you to have a check up beforehand as the bone infusions can have a real detrimental effect if you have any underlying issues.

I met up with my good friends Paula and Gina through the month too.. which is always special..

April: I decided enough was enough at Pandora! The beautiful Franchise had been taken over when I returned from my Cancer diagnosis and oh my the change wasn't good.. at all. It became a horrible place to work, I was labelled as a bully because the management above hadn't a clue what they were doing.. with an RSM that wouldn't dare admit her mistake..I never ever thought that a Company that had a slogan of We Dare, We Dream, We Care, We Deliver couldn't be anymore than the opposite

I miss my colleagues Hayley, Steph, Natalie & Paris dearly.. and I miss my customers too.. however it was time to move onto pastures new, and start my new venture in life..which is what I'm doing now.

May: Bone Infusions @ Burton Hospital.

My nurse Louise, what an absolute pleasure she was.. and we had a real giggle.

When going through cancer treatment, the amount of bloods that you have to be taken really plays havoc with your veins, especially as the doctors/nurses are not allowed to use the arm on the side your cancer has been diagnosed.

I never tell my bloods nurse that I have had chemo, as I think it puts them under pressure.. haha..

but obviously Louise knows why I'm there in the chemo ward having my treatment, and she took one look at my veins and knew that it was time again for a canula in my hand.. and she did a fab job! I'm requesting her again.. lol

May also means Michael Buble Concert - what an amazing concert it was too.. Just love to watch this man perform, he is so charismatic and knows how to capture his audience..

Thank you so much Phil for my 50th Birthday gift.. and making memories..

June: What a month.. My friends Rebekah & Steve married and invited myself and Phil to there evening celebration and it was just perfect.. Rebekah looked absolutely stunning. Rebekah has also had a battle with Cancer too.. so to see her now looking amazing, beautiful, happy all those things just made my heart melt.. We wish them both all the happiness in the world.. take care of each other. xx

June also meant Coldplay.. now I've been to a few concerts over the years but OMG Coldplay is by far the best.. (sorry Michael Buble) What a concert.. the atmosphere was amazing and on another level!

June 4th 2023, Our daughter Pixie-mai turned 13, I don't know where the years have gone.. they have gone so quickly. Pixie is beautiful but also a force to be reckoned with, the future is going to be fun but hard work hard work with this daughter!

July 2023.

I managed to get a late offer, and we flew to Kefalonia on the 8th July 2023, for a week away and it was just perfect, the Island, the food, the location.. somewhere I would definitely look at going back to.

If you travel to Kefalonia, you must take the boat trip with captainvangelisspecialcruises, an absolute amazing day, even I jumped off the boat into the sea.. after all " we only live once"

August 2023.

August bought many things, our beautiful daughter Paris passing her exams, lets see what the future holds Paris.. I see Travel.. and Kenan.. which will be the perfect mix.

17th August - We celebrated my goddaughters 13th Birthday, just love her like one of my own, such a beautiful girl inside and out, very thankful that your mom and dad asked me to be your godmother.. I love you lots Lily-ella and we had a wonderful night, and very jealous of mom and dads Gin shed.

20th August - Phil and I celebrated our 22 year anniversary.. This man is my world an there is nothing I wouldn't do for him, although we do have a giggle about the word "chores" remember the days I would cook you a full breakfast Phil, now I would rather you make me my favourite Latte in bed preferably.

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