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Meeting the Oncologist - Burton Queens 12 February 2021

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Friday Morning is eventually here..*sigh,,,

I visited Burton Oncology to meet my Oncologist Mojca Persic, my appointment was at 8.20am.

We arrived early, parked the car in the main car park and made our way to Reception A.

I was eventually called at approx 8.45am.

Dr Persic first of all examined me on how my wounds were healing and I discussed how pleased I was with the outcome of my operation, the scars are very neat and I have full use of movement in my left arm (I did do my Physio).

Dr Persic then detailed the results from the Oncology Dept in the US on what type of cancer I had etc and my scoring. She then discussed the treatments that I would be receiving and some of the side effects.

My Treatment plan consists of 6 sessions of chemotherapy which will be given once every 21 days this will be EC Chemotherapy & Docetaxel and then I will finish with one week of radiotherapy, after that I will be taking Anastrozole for 5 years which is a medication to reduce the amount of oestrogen in the fatty tissues of the body.

As most of us know chemotherapy has numerous side effects, but my main concern out of all the side effects is that there is a possibility of losing my hair, if there's anything I love about me it's my hair.. I wash it every day and if my hair is done, I feel good.

I have spoken to some friends that have travelled similar journey's over the past few days regarding wigs, hats, scarfs and now understand why a lot of women going through the same choose to wear scarfs or hats and its because they are the most comfortable, wigs seem to be very irritating as the skin becomes quite sensitive whilst having chemo treatment.

So with all this in hand its time to start shopping and prep for my next part of this journey.

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