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My Beauty Plan - So Far!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

So I have ordered my first hat/scarf from HeadscarfsByCiara

which looks very much like this design.

That way at least I have something, so I'm looking forward to receiving this and how it is going to look.

I have also purchased this amazing piece by after seeing a youtube video on how amazing it is.

I have ordered it with a black headband for work.. but you can cover them up with different headbands also.

I have asked the hair to be thinned out so that its not as heavy.

I'm actually excited about this piece..

I have my eyebrows booked in with Jessica Ruth.

I am having a treatment called Combination Brows which is a natural look brow, so I'm quite excited about this.

Take a look at her amazing work, on Instagram click here

Today I have also been gifted an e-voucher from My HR Manager Jude, for prepared meals which is going to be so handy whilst going through my chemo, especially on the days where I don't know what to cook.. or should I say when Phil needs to cook!

Ladies when I tell you that these are amazing... I mean every word.

I have never been any good with eyelashes, but these have changed my life.

I have chosen the Jade Kit which give a natural look finish but if you are looking for that full look, take a look through their selections, look for the discount code when signing up too!

Anyone that is about to receive chemotherapy and looking to find the perfect magnetic lash choose Lola's.

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