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My Weekend!

On the 02nd February 2021, I opened a message that made me smile from ear to ear.

My Mom had messaged me to let me know an old school friend had been in touch, when I write school friend she is much more than that, we went to Nursery, Middle School & High School together and although we have been in out of touch throughout our adult life...with Gina having 6 children and myself having 4, life just seems to get in the way sometimes.

I actually last saw Gina 8 Years ago at her 40th Birthday party, which was a great night. Gina looked fab, and it was so lovely to catch up with some old friends.

Gina & I chatted over text messages, shared pictures of our families and what we were doing in life and then I shared my unfortunate news of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and my operation.

Gina had no idea.. and was shocked by my news, and it touched home, as her own mother passed away from Cancer 21 Years ago, Gina reassured me and told me that her mom would say "one step at a time" and these words I will hold onto.

On the 20th February, after texts through the weeks, I had mentioned to Gina that I had been out walking, not far, as it has been a struggle especially after having covid.

There was a slight drizzle in the air that Saturday morning but that wasn't going to stop us, we decided to go for that walk and when I tell you it was uplifting, I can not describe what it did for my mental health to get out of the house.

We chatted about our families, about work, and our memories of what had happened in the past.. it was just so lovely.. Gina & I are alike in what we think and our family values.. Gina just gets "me" and I get "her".

I could of climbed Mount Everest that day...chatting about old times.

I accomplished 7K steps that day, which believe me was good, as I don't think my watch has shown above 1K these past few weeks...

Gina & I decided that we would meet up again in the coming week and go for another one of our walks as we have a lot to catch up on, and it also helped us both getting out into the fresh air.

Thank you Gina, for that day... I will be forever grateful.

Joanne xxx

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