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Part 1 Results Day - 02nd December 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

My appointment with Mr Rogers - Burton Breast Clinic.

Wednesday 02nd December 2020, will stay with me for the rest of my life.

We made our way to Burton Breast Care Unit, and arrived with only 10 minutes to spare unlike our previous visits, we parked in the Main Car Park 4 at Queens Hospital, right outside the Unit.

We were greeted by the receptionist who asked for my details, and then we took a seat and waited.

After a few minutes we were called in to see Mr Rogers, with a breast nurse present too.

Mr Rogers kindly greeted us both and in his own words said he knew what kind of a week we would of had waiting for the news, and went on to advise us that unfortunately it was bad news and that I had Breast Cancer, I held Phil's hand so tight!.

I took the news on board... I had already accepted in my own head that I may have Cancer, so it was like he was telling me something I already knew.

Mr Rogers advised that it looked like a Stage 2 Cancer, Oestrogen Positive and it was attached to my chest wall, he also advised that I would need a covid test which had been booked for the Saturday 05 December 2020 at the Ibis Hotel in Derby and that I would be either admitted to the Nuffield Surgery, or the Royal Derby on the 16th December 2020, but only if my covid test was negative, I was also told that the family would now have to self isolate for 2 weeks before surgery.

I was handed a Primary Breast Care Folder to take home with me and my appointment letter for my covid test.

I don't think I asked Mr Rogers any questions that day, he seemed to of covered everything I needed to know.

I sat in the car on my way home and wondered how I was going to tell the children, as I was sure they knew something was going on by now.

Looking at the clock we knew that Britney would be on her way to work, and we really didn't want to share the news with Paris & Pixie without Britney and I wanted to be honest with them, I didn't want them to be in the dark with what was going on, so we called Britney to see if she could call into work late and return home, which she did.

We told the girls the news, it was just awful. I just remember them hugging me so tight, me and their dad and crying due to the shock... what I didn't know was that they knew we were at Burton Breast Care Unit all along as they had found an old phone with a Life360 app, which could track our whereabouts!

It was then time to tell my Mother, again just an awful time as we were/are already going through quite a bad time with my 95 Year old Grandad.

My Grandad, is an amazing man and has been fit and well, up to the age of 95 and then after a fall he seemed to start having problems, In October he was given weeks to live, (he is still with us at this present time) fighting! but to tell my mom the news I had Breast Cancer was a double blow for her. I remember her just crying, I asked if my dad was there to comfort her and she said no, I told her I was going to be fine and not to worry and told her to have a cup of tea and call my dad, and I would call her later as I didn't want her to hear me cry on the phone..& then last but not least my boy... Phil had to tell Ben, I just couldn't get my words out, Ben has had a rough time in the past 12 months, with work and having to move out of his property, so again with everything else going on in the world. Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes....

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