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04th February 2021.

Woke up feeling well... just rubbish and I have not the energy to do anything!! Not Positive I know.. but for someone who manages to remain positive most of the time.. well I'm having my day! although the Postman has just arrived with mail that looks like his saved the weeks collection!

I have two letters from the Hospital!!!

The first one was a notification of change of appointment, from the 27 January 2021 to the 24 February 2021, I am so happy to have received this letter as this appointment is for my Oncotype Scoring Results and to advise me what treatment I will be eventually receiving.

2nd Letter was my Diagnosis Letter.

Anyone diagnosed with Breast Cancer will totally understand where I am coming from reading this.

Although your not a doctor and you have been told you have Breast Cancer, you want to know the ins and outs of what cancer you have and to see it in writing, so that you can finally understand.. all of it.

Friends and Family tell you not to google different cancers, different outcomes, but we all do!! We want to find out the good and the bad, how people recover, what treatment, we just want to know.

So to get my diagnosis made me happier knowing what was going on.

I in fact had Grade 3 invasive ductal and micropapillary carcinoma with no evidence of lymphovascular invasion, 22mm in diameter that expanded to 25mm in diameter with high nuclear grade ductal carcinoma

The tumour is Estrogen receptor positive 8/8 0/1 Lymph nodes were involved in tumour.

On my letter it also details a Nottingham Prognostic Index 4.44

Link here to explain Scoring


Oncology appointment next to discuss Oncotype result +/- plan to deliver chemotherapy plus plan and deliver radiotherapy to the left breast plus endocrine therapy. 12 months surgical ANP review. 5 Years follow up mammograms requested.

So all I have to do is wait...... 24th February is not far away, so I am going to keep myself busy until then.

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