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March 2022...What a Busy Month!

The month started off with me visiting Derby Royal Hospital, to find out what was happening, as some of you will know from my previous blog, I have been suffering with a cough and my breathing had deteriorated and I also had joint pain throughout my body.

Over the past weeks I have prepared myself for the worst.

Our moto has become prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

I received my full body scan, (CT Scan) which was very straight forward and I was looked after very well by the staff at Derby.

I visited Burton Hospital a few weeks later to find out my results! We were so pleased to hear that my cancer had not returned and cried with the relief!! I have damage to my lungs from the radiotherapy and that is the issue with my breathing and I have been also missing a medication that I should of been taking since November... I have now been taking the medication for 3 weeks and what a massive difference it has made to my life and then regarding my breathing I need to contact my GP for an inhaler.

So its onwards and upwards.. I have so much to look forward to.

This month I've also been able to catch up with my Manager & friend Zoe who is currently on Maternity leave.

Zoe had a little boy called Parker who is a little miracle and I am smitten.

It was so lovely to see you Zoe, and I look forward to our next catch up.

All my love Always. Josephine xxx

Happy Birthday to my Niece & Nephew who were 16 & 18!!

Time has flown, it doesn't seem 5 minutes since they were running around causing mischief and now they are all grown up.

Thank you to Dave & Jackie for inviting us to the Wolverston Arms to celebrate, the meal was lovely and Katie, the cake was amazing!

In November my beautiful friend Julie gifted an afternoon tea for my birthday @ Planters In Tamworth.

We have a fab friendship, one of those we don't have to see each other all the time, but we know we are there for each other. Life is busy for both of us and we see each other when we can get our diaries together and then we have so many conversations going at one time that we get carried away with it all !

I love a good catch up with Julie, and so happy to hear that she is living her dream working as a tour guide for Coronation Street.. I believe everyone should follow their heart and do what makes them happy.

I wish you all the luck in the world Julie, with your new venture.. thank you for being such a loyal, funny, caring friend for all these years.. I love you and your family forever & ALWAYS.

Happy Birthday Mom...

My god the love for you I cannot explain... I am so lucky to have you. We have this connection like no other.

Planters was lovely, even with Dad, man handling the scones!!

Phil & I are also pleased you love your necklace and fancy me choosing those flowers, we must have good taste..

We look forward to sharing many more birthdays and happy times together.

I love you Always & Forever....

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