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In October 2022,

I once again visited Burton Queens Hospital for my Zoledronic Acid Infusions.

I have these infusions every 6 months, these infusions are to reduce the risk of the cancer spreading to your bones and given by an intravenous drip.

Side effects usually are the obvious.. bone pain and these have effected my ankles and legs up until now.

I take Calcium tablets daily to also help with my bones.

In January I started to feel pain in my back (Sacrum) which again I put down to the infusions, however as time has passed the pain has worsened.

For everyone that knows me, I'm good at hiding how I feel.. I try to carry on as normal and try not to let anything defeat me, and only take action when I can't take anymore..

I therefore contacted my Breast Care nurse on the 24th January who advised me that she would contact my oncologist and arrange a bone scan urgently.

Two weeks later on Friday the 4th February I couldn't take anymore, the pain was excruciating and even my work colleagues could tell that it was affecting my daily duties.. this then resulting in me calling in sick on Saturday.

It is now Tuesday 07th February 2023, I am taking painkillers for the pain which are not working and I'm awaiting a call from the Doctor to find out what is the next step..

I will keep you all posted.. Jo xxx

I have received my call this afternoon from my doctor, who has prescribed painkillers that will hopefully do the job, and unfortunately signing me off work for the next two weeks.

I have also received my call from Vicky, one of the Breast Care Nurses at Burton who has jumped hoops for me the past few days and I will be spending the day in The Royal Derby a week Friday for a scan, reporting to the Nuclear Medicine Department at 10.35am and having my scan at 1.10pm, this cannot come soon enough..

Wish me luck.

Joanne xxx

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