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05th February 2021

Today is "My Mans" Birthday.. I thought he was 48, but turns out his 47!!! (oops)

Phil called me to say it wasn't a good start to the day as there had been an accident on the M42/M6, I just hope everyone is all ok, Phil eventually arrived work at 8.30am after leaving the house at 6.30am.

I woke this morning feeling again just drained, and not wanting to do anything, but needed to get my backside into gear. So I started making some cupcakes for Phil's Birthday, fetched the balloon that we had hidden in the car the day before and put all his pressies and cards together on the table for when he returned home.

Phil had mentioned the day before about getting me out the house for a walk, as the past couple of weeks I have felt really lethargic, he seems to think it would be good for me to get some fresh air.

Phil arrived home at 3pm, myself and the girls sang Happy Birthday, had a cuppa and a cake of course and then decided to go for our walk..

We walked up to the M42 motorway bridge and back and that was enough... and it was a start! I will be doing the same again on Sunday, but I really need to make it a daily occurrence!

Whilst on my walk I received a phone call from my consultants secretary advising that she was cancelling my appointment at the Royal Derby Hospital on the 24th!!!!! however has offered me an appointment at Burton next Friday the 12th!! which is amazing news, I will finally get some answers and know what treatment I will be receiving.

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Feb 07, 2021

Hello Annette, how are you my lovely, and thankyou for continuing to read my blog, I just know that you will be feeling some of the emotions that I'm going through.. The waiting is the worst and with my appointment being changed, honestly the anxiety I've been feeling has been the worst, and the sleepless nights thinking about certain scenarios... you know how it is! Any how you will have to drop me an email on how your doing.. speak soon. Love lots Jo x


Hi Joanne, really sorry to hear that you haven’t had your usual get up and go lately. It’s perfectly understandable with what you are going through and losing your grandad as well. I’m so glad your results appointment has been brought forward as the waiting is really hard. I’m sure you’ll feel better when you have the answers and have a treatment plan. As for walking I find it does help and I try and get out for some fresh air every day, even when I don’t feel like it I usually feel better afterwards. Be kind to yourself & take care. Love Annette xx

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