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20th August 2021 - My Man, Our Anniversary

I dedicate this page to "My Man"... Phil.

This year we have celebrated 20 years together.

Phil and I met in a tanning shop in Walmley, I was working for a friend of mine and Phil popped in to use the tanning beds, now I know what your thinking... Phil doesn't look like your tanning bed guy and your right his not! but he was travelling to Turkey with his friends and needed a starter tan..

Our journey started there, we enjoyed the same things, the same food and he treated me like a princess, Phil took me to nice restaurants, raced me up and down the lake on his jetski at Kingsbury and most of all loved me for who I am and my two children, Ben & Britney.

So 20 years later, we have a beautiful home and four beautiful childen, Ben, Britney, Paris & Pixie-mai all who I am very proud of, they live life to the full, one more than the other's,(Ben) I love you all so so much.

Phil - 20 Years... How have you managed? You have the patience of a saint, I know I am a lot to handle sometimes and together with 3 girls in the house, since Ben has left home... I have felt for you.

I want you to know that the past 20 years have gone so quickly, I am so so proud of you, and what you have achieved over the years with work and home.

Thank you for loving me and sticking by me through the good times and the bad, and thank you for the love and guidance you have given our children.

In November of last year when I first found that lump, you were positive for me, and have remained positive ever since, you have been my absolute rock, my shoulder to cry on, my everything.

I know this journey has been hard for you too, watching me suffer through the chemotherapy and making some of the journeys on my own due to Covid, but your reassurance, and love kept me going.

Thank you Phil, for being you.

I thank my lucky stars that I have you by my side, and I love you more than ever.. I look forward to being your wife in the years to come... after we have ticked off some of those visits on my "Living List" starting with the Maldives...

I cannot wait for what the future holds...

I love you forever & "Always" Babylon.

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