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25th November 2020 - Has Arrived!!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The morning after my birthday and even after having a few gins the night before, sleep wasn't on the cards for me that night.

My appointment was at 13.30 and I had to report to the Burton Breast Unit @ Queens Hospital.

I woke up on the morning, pottered around, took a bath and had some quiet time before making the trip down the A38 to Burton.

We arrived at the door of the Breast Care Unit and we were kindly told by one of the breast care staff that Phil would NOT be able to come into the Unit due to Covid19 and that I would undergo certain examinations first and then Phil would be called by myself or reception before going into see the consultant.

I was apprehensive as I don't like doing things on my own, Phil is always by my side and he wasn't there to hold my hand, but I felt confident that he would be with me after my tests and he would be there by my side when I meet my consultant who surely would be telling me something today.

I was booked in by the receptionist and then called by one of the breast nurses, who took me through to a small waiting area, gave me a gown and asked me to take just my top part of my clothing off and return to the waiting room when I was ready.

First of all I had my Mammogram, I had read the leaflet beforehand and I had taken two painkillers before visiting as they had described it as uncomfortable, I had also listened to other women and their horror stories over the years too, so I was dreading this examination.

Well ladies, I am a DD Cup so I am sure it helped, but honestly its not bad at all, the Breast Nurse was so lovely, reassuring, assisted me in positions I had to hold, and kept me well informed of what she doing and it was over in minutes.

I was then taken back to the small waiting room to wait for my next examination which was an ultrasound scan. I was called in quite quickly and met the Sonographer & Breast Care nurse. If you have ever had a baby, this scan is just like that... only on your breasts! not uncomfortable in the slightest, the worst part is trying to wipe the gel off after.. yuk

During the ultrasound scan, the sonographer was measuring the lump on her screen, and concentrated on the lump for what seemed a lifetime and then moved to under my arm pit, and advised she would be checking my lymph nodes.

After checking my lymph nodes she kindly asked me to look at the screen and there it was this dark area in my breast, and straight away she informed me that it did look concerning and they would be doing the core biopsy today.. when I say that my body shook, it shook and I couldn't stop it.. I wanted to get out of that room and ring Phil.. NOW! and that's exactly what I did.. I'm not actually sure if the receptionist spoke to him too, I will ask him tonight.. but before the blink of an eye, he was there by my side.

I was then taken for my biopsy, now this wasn't very nice but I knew it had to be done, and I've been through a lot worse having 4 children and a hysterectomy 10 Years ago. They give you a local anaesthetic to numb the area and only what I can describe as a long apple corer, to take small pieces of the lump away for testing, you are advised that it makes quite a loud clicking noise, but again this procedure is all over in minutes.

Myself and Phil were then taken to see Mr Rogers my consultant, what a gentleman he was, I don't know about you but I've met some consultants in my time that have no bedside manner, well rest assured Mr Rogers is not one of them! He kindly explained what they had found and confirmed what the sonographer had said that it looked concerning and gave the indication to expect the worse in a weeks time. He knew what is was, and I knew what it was.. but still had to wait for that week for the results to come back.

Mr Rogers then asked for more Mammogram scans to look at the area once again at different angles.

After this Phil and I were guided through the unit and shown the way out, so that we didn't come into contact with any other visitors because of the covid19 situation.

My next appointment will be a week later.


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Michelle Hughes
Michelle Hughes
08. Jan. 2021

Lots of love jo xx brave sharing your story xx

Gefällt mir
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