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8th April - 20th April 2021

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Thursday 15th April 2021.

After my last chemo treatment on the 30th March 2021, I am starting to feel myself again. The second treatment really took its toll on me, however I now have time to enjoy the good days.

This morning I had my bloods taken at Burton, nice and early 09.35am! hopefully they will be all ok, I have my follow up appointment tomorrow with Dr Persic, so fingers crossed.

Phil has taken a few days off work to spend time with me, which is always a bonus, so we have decided to go for a walk which our neighbours had told us about at Whitacre Hall Walk (

The walk is approx 2.5km and just right for me at the moment, as my energy levels are not the best, but I was rewarded with cake & tea at the end of the walk..

The walk is beautiful, you can choose the blue walk or red walk or do the both, so today we just did the blue walk, we will return to do the red walk next time... (more cake)..

Friday 16th April 2021.

My appointment was at 3.30pm to see my consultant, we arrived at Burton Hospital and was greeted by Jo Harper, part of Dr Persic's Team.

Jo described how my white blood cells were low at 1.4, however this was better than last time, so my injections have done something!

However, my liver has once again been affected by the chemo and my enzyme levels are at 144, which again is better than last time as they were 282.. But my chemo cannot once again go ahead on the 20th April, so it will be delayed another week.

Me always trying to look for the positive.. I get an extra week of feeling okay... and right now that's a good feeling.

I also discussed with Jo, that since my last chemo, I have had a pain from my wrist up to my elbow in my right arm, and hurts to touch that part of my arm, as it feels like hard lumps under the skin, I wasn't sure if it was something that chemo has done, and she confirmed that it was, its called , thrombophlebitis and usually corrects itself within a few weeks.

Over the past few weeks, due to covid restrictions changing, I've been able to see people in the garden,

I would like to thank Debbie & Darren, for my Heart with such inspiring words that made me cry.

Paula & John for my flowers, so thoughtful of you, and loved our catch up.

Kevin & Debbie, I hope you are both well, thank you so much for the tulips you sent home with Phil, really lovely of you.. I hope I get to meet Deb soon. xx

Saturday 17th April

My Family...Sister & Brother In law with the boys.

What a beautiful day, and a walk I am proud of at Hopwas Woods,

I did my 10,000 steps!!!

Thank you so much for such a beautiful afternoon/evening, it was perfect and uplifted me so much..

Love to you all xxx

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