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A New Year.. 2022

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

A New Year, and that means.. me back to work!!

Pandora.. here I come..

I started back on the 3rd January 2022, with one of our lovely Sales Assistants Natalie who has been off on Maternity leave.

We caught up with a coffee beforehand as I think we were both anxious of returning back to store, its quite daunting after being away after 12 months.

I am on a phased return and only working 12 hours a week at the moment and will be increasing in February, I am taking advice from Doctors and listening to my own body and taking one step at a time.

A New year and a new hobby.. Clay Pigeon shooting..

If you know me well enough, you know my fear of guns, so that my 11 year old daughter loves this new hobby has been daunting.. but I love that she shares the interest with her dad.. as its something they can do together.

Pixie has been inspired by meeting someone that shot for Team GB... so watch this space..

27 January 2022 - Doctors/Peel Hospital

How did that happen, were at the end of January already..

Well, the past few months have gone so quickly and I've been so busy with catching up with friends and family. We have had Birthdays and Christmas and I just don't know where the time has gone.

Well I hoped that a New Year would be a New me..but unfortunately for the past few months after changing my Anastrazole to Letrozole I've had a dry throat, not sore but just quite red and dry and I put this down to the medication.

I have carried on over the past few months just accepting the above until it started to get worse and visited my doctors surgey on the 12 January, who prescribed Beconase nasal spray to clear any congestion I may have too.

I used this morning and night for 2 weeks until my condition has proved to be worse, around the 21st January 2022, I also started with a continous cough, which resulted in Phil sleeping on the sofa!

I have continued to do covid tests which have proved negative, which to be honest I have been quite upset as if it was this, it would take my mind off everything else running through my head.

The weekend I gradually became worse my cough is like a smokers cough and it resulted me visiting my doctor who I have been in contact with my cancer journey, Dr Bedford.

I explained about my cough and how I feel and she understood my anxiety of what could be happening.

Dr Bedford advised that she would give me antibiotics which I am to take 3 times a day for the next week and arranged an emergency X-ray at the Peel Hospital, and said I would hear very soon.

On Thursday 27 January 2022, as promised the Peel called for me to pop into x-ray, I was met by a doctor who kindly talked me through the steps, and it was all over and done with in minutes.

I now have to wait 7/10 days until my results are with the doctor and they can't come soon enough.

I've now been taking my antibiotics for 4 days, I haven't seen any improvement yet, but I pray that in the next few days I do..

I want to thank Phil, my rock, my soulmate and my best friend.. for the love and support you give me, I honestly don't know how I would do this without you.. I love you with all my heart and I know that you share my worries and concerns, its hard on you too..

also my Mom & Dad who worry constantly.. thank you for being there Always xxx

Update you all soon....

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