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Chemo 3 - A week after!

Updated: May 11, 2021

Good Morning All, I thought I would pop on here this morning and update my page.

After my treatment last Tuesday 27th April, I have been considerably well, the tablets have definitely worked this time and for anyone taking the anti sickness tablets 4 times a day, and they are not working then Ondansetron is something you must request from your Oncologist, these have made a massive difference this week.

On Friday I started my injections once again to help those white blood cells along.

On Saturday I felt ok, Phil was at work (fighting off pigeons) and I pottered around the house and then met up with my good friend Jade for a walk, with Pixie & Isla! and what a walk it was, a walk around the block became a walk past the lakes, quite a trek for me on a Saturday after chemo.. this long walk was due to Pixie being our tour guide... (never again)!

It was however a lovely walk and great to see Jade, as having to shield can be quite lonely at times, and frustrating, I'm sure if you ask the family they will tell you that I'm grumpy some of the time due to being home alone.

Sunday my parents visited, mom bought me flowers, pink carnations and dad bought cake! for him and Phil to eat... Manor House cake, they eat one between them every time they meet up.. it was lovely seeing them and I shared that I am planning to restore an old mantel clock of my Grandads, well my Great Grandad Howards actually which he was rewarded in the 1940/50's.

Sunday night came and it was time for my injections, now I'm not one to get worked up about injections, I've been through so much over the years that injections do not bother me, but Sunday night I cried!

I felt emotional and I had had enough... Phil came in the kitchen and just held me, tight... sometimes you just need a hug to get through it... and it did the trick, and Phil has now mastered giving injections.

Bank Holiday Monday and the weather was awful wasn't it? I looked around on the internet to see where we could go in the rain.. with me shielding.. The safari park looked promising until I saw £110 to drive around the park in the rain!!!! so Phil, myself and Paris and Pixie decided to have a drive into Birmingham to have a look at where Phil is working, (The Old Municipal Bank) where part of the Series Line of Duty was filmed, we also grabbed a Starbucks whilst we were out too.. (almond milk latte) of course.

Tuesday was a different story, I woke up feeling terrible, really lethargic and sickness had set in once again, so I had some toast and took one of my anti sickness pills, and messaged my friend Jade to see if she could collect Pixie and take her to school.

I spent the day on the sofa not really watching anything, just lying there and drifting in and out of sleep and Wednesday was very much the same.

Today Thursday 06 May, things are looking up... I'm feeling ok, I've had my catch up call with Jude from Pandora HR, which was so lovely.. and I have started to sand down my Great Grandfathers Mantle Clock... watch this space....

Some of the beautiful gifts I have received this week, Yellow Tulips from Sophie Briggs, Pink Carnations from my Mom, These amazing chocolates from my friend Alison Madden (Letteroom).and Tulips and my favourite Gerbera's from Jade..

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