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Chemo No:4 - Tuesday 18th May 2021

Updated: May 25, 2021

Hello all, I haven't been on here much over the past few weeks, I have been working on a new little venture on my "good days" and will be revealing all at the end of the month.. it involves flowers!! something I have become accustomed too.

The picture on the left of me was on Tuesday, chemo number 4..

Believe me when I say I wasn't looking forward to this visit, but in true style, I put my scarf on, makeup on and changed my mindset.. to think positive once again..

My 4th chemo was given by the beautiful Angie, once again who gave me my first treatment.. blooming love her, had a good giggle about Glenn Madeiros for those who remember him..

I was also sat next to the loveliest lady I could of possibly sat next too.. Sara, who was diagnosed in March, we giggled, we chatted and I cost her £70 in scarfs as she fell in love with mine.. it made such a difference to be sat having a conversation with someone whilst having treatment, this hasn't really been something anyone has done in hospital over the past mad months, as screens are up and people feel as if they cannot communicate with each other, which is such a shame as on Tuesday the time flew and we were there until 5.30pm, in fact Sara was still there when I left..!!!!

Myself and Sara have become friends on Instagram, and I'm so looking forward to catching up with her again soon.

It was a long day Tuesday, I left the house at 12pm and walked back through the door at 6.15pm, but I had no problems at all.

I was given Docetaxel Chemotherapy, which is different from my last 3 doses, and people have asked me if this is normal.. and yes it is.. 3 EC and 3 Docetaxel, although some Cancer Patients receive different to this.

Docetaxel is given through Intravenous drip and takes a lot longer than the EC as the nurses manually feed the EC through syringes..

Mandy finished and tidied up at the end of the treatment and checked I had all my necessary medication.

Injections, Steroids, & Mouthwash and I made my way home in peak traffic in the rain, so decided to call my mom on the way home, to have a good old catch up.

It is now Thursday early evening and I am feeling fine, although my taste buds are starting to play up, which has happened every time, this is when the ulcers start to flare up, so the mouthwash comes in force tonight and the injections!!

The nurses have warned me about some of the side effects that may occur over the weekend too, one of them being pains in my joints, but nothing painkillers wont sort out hopefully, so we will just have to wait and see, one day at a time...

Otherwise in myself I am feeling on top of it all, I've cleaned the cooker/fridge cleaned Paris's bedroom ordered grow bags for my tomatoes that my neighbour David brings me every year (bless him) I said to him, his the only man that could bring me tomato plants instead of flowers.

As previously mentioned I've also been restoring my Great Grandfathers clock too, this is all sanded down now, just need a softer sandpaper to do the face of the clock.. but I am so happy with the results so far.

I have the gong and ringer ready to fit back in too purchased from good old ebay.

I'm quite excited to see this little time piece back working and will share the Newspaper clipping I have too when I've accomplished this little renovation.

As you know I always like to make a few mentions at the bottom here...

I would like to thank Sarah Williscroft for our lovely walk the other week with Roxy the dog, Sarah we did laugh and you uplifted my spirits so much, I am really looking forward to our next catch up very soon. I love you dearly. We must have a picture next time too.

My Manager from Pandora & Supervisor for your visit last week. I loved seeing the both of you, Zoe you look amazing and I am so excited for your little bundle to arrive... I have the sex, weight and even the name.. I know your laughing reading this.. I will hopefully see you again soon.. just before Maternity and Aimee, I will be back before you know it..

To all of my friends that message me to see how I am, but a special thanks to Jade, Kelly & Gina who text me daily to make sure I am ok.

My Brother Ian & Wife to be Lucy, and my Brother/Sister in law too for their messages, they mean the world to me, especially my brother.. I love you.

My Mother & Father in law who check up on me when they know I am fit and well, me and mom like a good catch up and gossip what's going on over in Sutton.

My Man - Phil... how does this man cope.. I have my ups and downs behind the scenes and he sees it all and gets the brunt of it all too.. I want you to know Phil, I love and appreciate everything you do for me, thank you for your patience, your love and support and those most important hugs when I need them, I love you with all my heart....Always Babylon.xx

My Mom... Thank you for being you, I love our daily facetimes.. sometimes twice a day. You make me laugh and I only said to Sarah the other week, I am so lucky to have you.

Last but not least my children, Ben, Britney, Paris & Pixie and my adopted daughter Isla..

Each one of you have helped in your ways, either shopping, tidying (sometimes) making jokes about me being bald... (my new name kiwi) cooking your own tea..

but I wanted to thank you all for your love and patience and how you have conquered on through this so far with me, and a special mention to Isla too, who has been an amazing, caring friend to Pixie over the past 6 months, as Pixie has really needed that reassurance that everything is going to be ok, so thank you Isla, your a very special young lady...

Thank you all for taking time to read my blog, I know some of you have messaged and said its lovely to read, but I also know that it will give a little insight to how someone can cope with what ever is thrown at them, you MUST keep and stay positive at all times, its hard... but with Family and great friends.. anything is possible..I count myself very lucky to have the people I have around me...

I Love you all.


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You are an inspiration to others and show so much strength and positivity despite what you’re going through. You are such a beautiful person inside and out Jo. The beautiful family and friends you have around you for support are no more than you deserve, your children are an absolute credit to you and Phil. Stay strong my beautiful friend and keep smiling 😊❤️ Xxxxxx


Sue Downs
Sue Downs
2021년 5월 20일

Such beautiful words Jo! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Stay strong and focused . You are a beautiful lady inside and out. You look beautiful and are totally rocking that scarf! Lots of love , and thoughts to kick that cancers arse!I know you will! Love to all your beautiful family too. ♥️ Xx

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