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Extreme Bone Pain & Pins & Needles - No Fun!

Friday 19th November 2021.

So today I have visited my consultant, as I have been struggling with my medication Anastrazole, its been debilitating and in the last month I have also encountered severe pins and needles that last for an average of an hour and half in both my arms and hands, and this is definitely a side effect from the drugs not the chemotherapy.

My appointment was at 10.00am and I was met by Vicki, one of the nurses and taken to see the consultant.

After discussing my side effects and trying different brands of Anastrazole, we decided that I am going to try Letrozole, so lets see how I get on with these, I will be starting them today and I am really hoping I get some relief, if not it will be back to the drawing board once again.

I also advised my consultant that I had been to the dentists and had all my necessary treatment so that I can now start my Zometa Infusions.

Zometa infusions sometimes known as Zoledronic acid is a treatment that is given to patients to strengthen bones and lower the risk of breaking a bone and other bone complications in women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that has spread to the bones and also helps reduce recurrence risk of Hormone-Receptor-Positive Disease.

Vicki was amazing she ran around and sorted my blood test out straight away, the doctor arranged my new prescription and Vicki also booked me in for my infusions for the 25th November, exactly 12 months to the day I was diagnosed.

Burton Hospital, it was again a pleasure to visit, get the answers to my questions and have a service that was first class.

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