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Have the antibiotics worked?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Morning, I have now taken my course of Amoxicillin, and I am feeling slightly better, they have improved my breathing a week on, however I am still fatigued, and remain to struggle to get around.

I am pretty sure the heat has a lot to do with how I am feeling too, as my feet look like elephants and I'm sure the water retention is also taking its toll on other parts of my body.

The antibiotics really took there time to kick in, usually you see some kind of improvement after a few days but honestly I can say its only been in the past 48 hours that I have actually been able to do a few things without getting out of breath, but the mobility is still an issue.

Other than that, I've had a lovely week!

My friend Gina came on Monday, which was so lovely, we sat in the garden for an hour and caught up.

We had a giggle and once again we helped each other on our outlook of life, for example.. Gina said she is dreading being 50!! now I am sure when your reading this, you can think of lots of people/friends that have said this.. I dreaded being 40... and before being diagnosed with Cancer, I would quite often say, I don't want to get old!!! but now its different...

I WANT TO GET OLD....I am looking forward to my 50th... I don't have a care in the world that I will now be over 50 when I get married, I am actually gifted to be able to carry on with my life and I am going to enjoy every second of it... and Gina.. I now know your looking forward to your 50th which makes me happy, we will be 50 together and it will be amazing!!

I love you dearly my friend, thank you for your visits and thank you for my little gift, I will cherish.. xx

On Monday I also received this beautiful card and bracelet from Sara Louise the lady I met in Hospital on Chemo Number 4.

This was such a lovely surprise in the post, and really touched my heart as Sara is fighting her own battle, and it is a battle a lot of the time.

Cards and gifts from friends have really made a difference over these last 8 months, they have shown me that I have some really good caring friends around me, and I will be forever thankful to you all for what you have done, and your support through this journey.

Thank you so much Sara, and I really look forward to catching up soon, when were both well enough.xx

On Monday this also happened!!

Monday should of been end of school Prom for Pixie and her Year 6 friends, however unfortunately due to covid this was unable to go ahead, we received the text the night before which was devastating for the children.

Jade, who you will hear me talk about in my blog, a dear friend who has massively helped me along this journey arranged the limo for the girls quite a while back.

Unfortunately Jades daughter Isla was unable to join the limo due to having to isolate, which was a massive upset to Pixie and her friends.

It was decided that the Limo should go ahead as normal as our children might miss out on other plans if they also became cancelled due to they all got dressed up and went cruising for an hour with Perdip their driver and thoroughly enjoyed their experience.. thank you to Finishing Touch Cars. & Jade for organising. xx

Wednesday was the end of an Era... Pixie-mai left Primary school!!

I first visited Dosthill School in 2001. We bought our house in June 2001, and moved in early September. For the first few weeks I was travelling from Birmingham to Tamworth to take Ben to school, I remember it like yesterday in my blue escort.

Mr Griffiths was Headmaster at that time, soon to be taken over by Mr Hand.

I have served 20 Years myself at Dosthill taking the children back and forth to school, and I'm nearly 50 (Liz Neville) I know your giggling at that...

Wednesday was so sad to watch as all of the Year 6 came out of school crying and hugging their friends, however they have made some beautiful friendships that will hopefully last for years.

Wednesday evening we visited Mikki & Family, our childminder.

We found Mikki back in January 2018 after what I would say was a unlucky experience with a previous childminder.

Mikki was questioned by myself and Phil... more by Phil, about looking after his Princess back in 2018 and I remember walking out thinking, this woman will take no messing!

Mikki has been an excellent Childminder for our daughter over the past 3 years, she has disciplined Pixie when needed, with " no phone rules" persuaded Pixie to try different foods, especially apples..(hence the gift from ShadowBoxFlowerStore

I would like to thank Mikki, Viktor and their beautiful children for welcoming Pixie into their home and taking care of her over the years.

We as a family are going to miss you so much. Mikki I'm especially going to miss your Brummie accent that appears now and then, which makes me giggle.. We love you very much & we look forward to Park Visits & Weekend Visits over time.

Jo, Phil & Pixie-mai. xxxx

Thursday I had a visit from my Nan Orton, and how lovely it was too..

Nan, had been with my Dad & Auntie Sue to the hospital to see my Grandad who has been poorly recently. Nan is 93!! shhh don't tell her I've told you, she is absolutely amazing for her age..

We had a cuppa and chatted about how my grandad was, and about the preparations for Grandad when he returns home, we chatted about my treatment and how's its been, the good and the bad and how amazing Burton Hospital have been. It was lovely to see my Nan, she's always got a smile.. I just hope my Grandad is back home with her soon.

Thank you for reading, I hope you are well and keeping safe,

All my love Always

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