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Week 3/4 - Hurdles!!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

18th March 2021

On the 18th March, I visited Burton Hospital to have my blood taken, which is normal practice before your chemotherapy treatment, they check to see if your body has recovered from the chemo.

The new booking system at Burton Hospital for your blood to be taken is amazing, very easy and has made the whole experience so easy.

Later that day I received a call from Lauren the Doctor to advise me that unfortunately my white blood cells were extremely low and that I would be receiving a call from the Consultant who may delay my next chemotherapy treatment.

19th March 20201

I woke up feeling pretty well considering my white blood cells are low, I caught up with my mom on facetime, something we have done over the past few weeks, we have actually giggled as Phil & my dad say "you on the phone again!!"

I received my new hoodie in the post that the girls or should I say (Phil) had ordered me for Mothers Day, as the previous one had been returned.. size 12.. and I needed a 16!!! ouch..

Later that day I also received an unexpected call from a Dr Mohammed, advising that my bloods had shown that I have a problem with my Liver!! The doctor explained that my enzyme count at the beginning was 33 and had gradually climbed to 282!! Dr Mohammed asked if I was taking any other medication to which the answer was no! so it must be the chemo that is playing havoc with my liver.

Therefore Dr Mohammed advised that Chemo will have to be delayed and that I need to attend Burton on the Thursday 25th March for a scan & bloods to be taken. I will then visit my consultant again on Friday 26th March to find out the results and the plan of action for future Chemo.

25th March 2021

I dropped Pixie-mai off at the childminders at normal time this morning and then myself and Britney made our way to Burton Hospital, not a bad journey this morning, the traffic wasn't too bad at all and only took just over half an hour to get there.

We entered the main hospital and made our way to the X-ray department.

I was taken through to a room where I was greeted my Hannah & Jade, Hannah who was training asked me kindly if she minded her scanning me.. which I didn't mind at all.

Pictures were taken of my kidneys, my liver and my abdomen, and I had to move positions so that pictures could be taken, but the girls were lovely and made me very comfortable throughout.

After I had finished, we had to visit Phlebotomy to have my bloods taken, I was in and out in 10 minutes, just perfect service from the team..

26th March 2021

Today was the day I get to catch up with my consultant, Phil managed to get the day off work to take me, as I was worried about the outcome.

For the past week I have been thinking what if I can't carry on having chemotherapy, what if my liver levels don't decrease, will my liver be damaged forever? as you can imagine, sleepless nights wondering "what if"

We both dropped Pixie off at school and was greeted by some of her lovely friends, who all had smiles on their faces, telling me they love my new haircut, Pixies "husband" looked rather shocked so I told him I was joining the Army which made him giggle.

Phil and I then made our way to Burton Hospital and made our way to Reception A, it was so busy today, the busiest we have seen it yet.

The nurse called me through and introduced me to Dr Sam, lovely gentleman who detailed my results and that my liver results had dropped from the 282 to 77, and that my white blood cells had risen, therefore I will be able to carry on with my chemo treatment.

This has been the best news, which may seem strange that I am actually excited about having a treatment that will make me ill, however the end result is what's important.

Dr Sam asked me if I had ever had a heart scan, I advised him that 11 years ago I had scans due to a heart complaint, but Dr Sam didn't explain why he had asked, and I didn't ask why.

On returning home I received a phone call from Burton Hospital that the consultant has requested for me to return this Sunday for a heart scan!! so I will be returning once again to Burton on Sunday.. I will also be asking why?

I am overwhelmed by the support of the staff at Burton Hospital, even during these unprecedented times of Covid, the care I have received has been amazing, I will be forever grateful to all of the doctors and nurses that are making my journey easier week by week..

Sunday 28th March 2021 - Echo Scan

My appointment was at 1.50pm, we arrived and the hospital was so quiet.

The cardio unit is just on the left hand side in front of Costa, I'm sure it has moved as the signs have changed.

I was greeted and taken to a room, where I had to take my top half of my clothing off and put on a hospital gown, with the opening at the front.

The nurse advised that he would be attaching some ECG pads to my chest and I was asked to lay on the couch.

An echo scan is very much like a scan when your having a baby!

The nurse applied the jelly to my chest area and used the transducer to look at my heart, I first had to lie on my back but then I seemed to have to spend a while lying on my left side so that he could scan my heart from underneath, he took a lot of pictures!

Whilst checking my heart, and collecting pictures, at moments I could hear the sounds of my heart as he was checking the valves/flow of blood to my heart.

All in all, it took about 20 minutes for the scan, the nurse didn't give anything away and advised that the Consultant would be in touch.

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