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Just when you think its all over!

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Friday 16th July.

As some of you know I received Chemo on the 29th June, and only received 80% due to the fact that I had been feeling so unwell and that I was also suffering with exhaustion.

The past two weeks I've been unable to get dressed, walk any further than a 100 yards, everyday tasks that we take for granted.

Up until today, it had really started to get me down, I've felt quite sorry for myself and just totally fed up with the effects of treatment, but all the time knowing that its something I have to go through.

I had self diagnosed myself with Cancer Related Fatigue after reading my side effects and what other people had reported too.. how wrong was I!!!

Today, one of my closest friends Julie, popped to see me, it was so lovely to see her but just before her visit I had contacted Jo & Sue at the Hospital to explain how I was suffering and Sue was quite concerned due to me being out of breath, and advised me to report to A&E.

I waited for Phil to come home so that he could drive me.. and Pixie came to keep her dad company too.

I was admitted to A&E at around 3pm, and asked at reception for my details and my doctor had been in contact to say that I was arriving.

I was taken straight through to a room at the side of reception by one of the nurses who did my observations, and she confirmed that my heart rate was high, then as I returned to reception another nurse

on the front desk asked me my symptoms, and what the problem was, so that she could decide where I would be going in the department.

I was then taken through to my cubicle, and was eventually greeted by my doctor called Tim, lovely man, who wanted to take my blood straight away, as nothing can be done without bloods first, this was a mission in itself as my veins are none existent after my chemo and blood tests, so Tim eventually had to try again in my left arm and managed straight away!

Tim checked and wrote down all necessary information from the past few weeks and how I had been suffering, and asked me if I was allergic to anything.. I replied Chemo.. which made him chuckle..

I was then told my Tim that he suspected I had a clot on my lung and that I would be going for a CT Scan, which obviously was quite concerning, however, this all eventually changed as he checked my records and noticed that I had a CT Scan on the 25 June and back in May and was worried about the amount of radiation I would be receiving, especially with my radiotherapy coming up on the 28th July.

So Tim decided it was a chest x-ray at this stage and we were going to go from there.

A nurse came and did my blood pressure in between and also did an ECG and sent someone to make me a cuppa.. which was great after being in there for 3 hours at this stage...

Whilst having my cuppa, I received the most beautiful voice message from Trisha Goddard sending me a huge hug, what a beautiful lady, Trisha knows herself about the journey of Breast Cancer as she was diagnosed in 2008, Trisha inspires me, I watch her daily with her fitness regime and zest for life, her funny videos and her sense of humour, and apart from all that, this special lady who everyone knows from the television, has taken the time to message little old me...and that means the world right now..

I eventually went down for my x-ray, the nurse shown me to the changing room and asked me to remove the top half of my clothing and then returned to take me through to the x-ray room.

In the x-ray room I stood in front of the x-ray machine and had to stand against a metal plate and grab the bars behind and when instructed by the nurse to take a deep breath in.. it was all over in minutes.

Tim eventually returned with the results and confirmed that I have a infection on my right lung, I said to him straight away " I can do infections" that means pills... its blood clots in lungs I cannot do..

So I have been given amoxicillin 1000mg, to be taken 3 times a day for the next 5 days.

Hopefully these will do the job and I will begin to get my body back..

The nurse came and removed my canula, which wasn't needed after all due to not having a CT Scan and I was free to go.

I called Phil and he was just outside waiting with Pixie, they had been shopping whilst waiting, to B&Q and The Range, and bought me a pressie... and Pixie told me there were two of them??

When I returned home, I had to close my eyes and Pixie and the girls led me outside to show me my surprise..

Two recliner chairs, one for me and one for a friend when they visit, or Phil...

Honestly this made my day.. to be able to sit in the garden and relax on one of these chairs is the best feeling in the world..

Thank you Phil & Pixie.. my chair is like I'm lying on a cloud, and takes the weight of all my limbs, the best feeling in the world at this moment in time.

Today I have started writing my living list, an idea that I took from Laura, I follow Laura's blog on Instagram, she is an absolute inspiration.

Laura is 33 and has been diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer and to watch how she is coping... honestly, well take a look....

Laura you are amazing and you should be so proud.....

Sending you my love & keep doing what your doing.. your blooming fab!!

Well its Saturday afternoon whilst I'm writing my blog, the sun is shining and its beautiful...

I'm sitting in my chair in the back garden, the neighbours are playing their music, and life is good!

I'm thinking of all the positives, but the main one is....I'm Alive....

Enjoy the sunshine everyone, its hot out there, so remember the sun cream.

Sending my love to you all

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