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Mothers Day 14th March 2021 - Perfect Day.

I woke up on Sunday feeling really well, and thank goodness on such a special day.

Phil and Pixie-mai entered the bedroom with my breakfast which was so sweet, I could hear Pixie-mai coming up the stairs so excited to give me my breakfast in bed and my presents and card.

Britney & Paris soon awoke and jumped onto the bed to join us.

I opened my presents and they had bought me the most beautiful Superdry hoodie, it is fur lined in the hood which will be lovely for when I have eventually lost all of my hair.

Pixie had also given dad a heads up on a little bag I had seen from River Island that I had fell in love with. I have a love of bags, not expensive ones, designer has never interested me.

The day went quite quick, I visited my mom to drop some flowers off and returned home to a visit from my beautiful friends Julie & Steve with Charlie & my god daughter Lily-ella. I absolutely love this family, they are such kind hearted/loyal people that Phil & I have been friends with for 14 years and I love Lily-ella like my own.

Julie & I are godmother's to each other daughters, which is just beautiful, the girls have a special bond just like their godmothers... which will never be broken.

I was also visited by Jonah, Britney's boyfriend of nearly 4 years. Jonah is like one of the family, such a wise young man, with his head screwed on, and we couldn't of picked anyone more perfect for our daughter.

Jonah had bought a card " my second mom" and the beautiful rose gold vases to go in my kitchen, just perfect and so thoughtful. I love you very much Jonah, you are a gorgeous young man and I cant wait to see how your future plans out.

My last visitor of the day - My Son....Ben and what more could a mom want than all of her children together.

This boy (man) makes me smile when he enters the room, his character and look on life is so laid back its almost horizontal, his card made me giggle and just reflects his character.

Thank you for visiting my boy, you were the finishing touch to my day.. I love you with all my heart.

On Monday I had a visit from Taylor.

Taylor is Mom to Scarlett my beautiful Grand daughter.

Scarlett had made this beautiful card for me for Mothers Day.

Such a thoughtful and beautiful thing to of done,

Thank you Tay & Scarlett.

I love you both. Nanny Jo (Nanny Plum)


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