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Radiotherapy is Over!!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Radiotherapy is over!!!

Its been a month since I was last on here, and the time has flown.

I started my radiotherapy sessions on the 2nd August and the consultant decided that I would be having the 10 sessions, these would be Monday to Friday, giving me the weekend off, which I needed as the drive to Derby every day soon took its toll on me.

The machine that gives you, your radiotherapy looks huge, but its an amazing piece of technology.

As some of you may know, when receiving radiotherapy, they usually mark where you are going to receive the radiation, they use to do this by tattoo's!! not anymore... the week before my Radiotherapy started they had received a mapping machine, so no more tattoos.. Lydia briefly shown me what the machine does and it is amazing.

Radiotherapy was a breeze for me, I know that this isn't the case for everybody but honestly the sessions of treatment were fine, I had to do the breathing in method whilst lying on the machine, to protect my heart, which was difficult at times as I was recovering from the lung infection and my breathing wasn't the best, however Lydia added a device on the machine that I could see so that I could monitor how much I needed to breath in and how long for, 20 think this may be easy but try it..

During the first week of treatment, I chatted with Lydia and told her that I have tried to keep the children informed on what is happening as I believe if they know that I am fine with it all, that I am being looked after, they will not worry either.

Lydia said that I would be able to take Pixie with me on Friday, just to pop in and look at the machine, which was fantastic and Pixie-mai thoroughly enjoyed seeing where it all happens.

At the moment, the only side effects I have had is the fatigue once again, I have a slight pink colour to my breast which looks like I have been in the sun for 20 minutes, and I have an aching sensation at the top of my breast that travels under my arm, but all in all I am doing well.

I did ask the radiotherapy nurse at my review at the end of the week, what I can use for the soreness if it does become red and sore as I had received numerous people advising what I could use.. she advised me that a moisturiser such as Aveeno was the best cream to use, which was great as I have this from my friend Jade and the hamper I received from Britney's friend Sophie Briggs & Mom.

On the 03 August, I had a lovely visit from Helen, a friend I met whilst working for

Roman in Nuneaton.

Helen, came with cake, flowers and chocolates for the girls and Phil.

We hadn't seen each other for 3 years so had a lot to catch up on, showing that time doesn't matter with true friendships.

Love Lots Helen, take care of yourself and hopefully seen you soon. xxx

On the 06th August I became Dog Mom..

The family had been looking for a dog for a while, Yes even Phil... who made sure that we all knew the responsibility of looking after a dog and the training etc.

We decided that a Cocker Spaniel was the dog for us and we eventually came across Jet, she is adorable, and such a lovely natured dog (lets hope that doesn't change)

Jet will be my walking partner, she is going to help me recover, and I cant wait to get walking with her..

On Friday 13th... unlucky for some.. but lucky for me as I got to ring the bell!!

My end of major treatment is finally over, I have treatments to still have, but the Chemo and Radiotherapy is finally finished.

This was as you can imagine a family affair, the support from my family has been amazing and I couldn't of honestly travelled this journey without you, especially you Phil.. I love you on a different level, you are my world 🌎

After Radiotherapy was all over and the bell had been rang!!

I was allowed to venture out, my first time in 8 months to the shops..

Phil had decided there was only one place to visit for the first visit outing and that was Planters for my favourite tea and scones.

Look how big the scones are!! Honestly they are the best!!!

I also bought a beautiful yellow Dahlia to plant in the garden to mark my end of treatment day.

On Saturday 14th August I had the loveliest of surprises.

Britney & the family had arranged a surprise celebration with my family..

I had my first glass of real Prosecco, my first drink in 8 months and it was beautiful.

It was lovely to have the family altogether, thank you for making it special.

I love you all very much, and would like to thank you all for your support since being diagnosed back in November 2020.

Thank you for all your messages, gifts, and cards... text messages and facetimes.. and the trip to Burton A&E in the best ambulance I've seen 😉

My Love Always

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1 Comment

Ime so happy you’ve now rang the bell darling jo xx your strong and brave and beautiful 💖💖💖 enjoy your new woofie xxxxx our thoughts and love are with you and Phil and your lovely little family xx big hug 🤗 xxxxxxxxxxxx

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