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The Last Effects Of Chemotherapy!

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

A week has gone by since this photo was taken.

On this Sunday, I felt exhausted and it came apparent that I was suffering with CRF - Cancer Related Fatigue.

My body was finding it hard to do any simple task from putting my clothes on of a morning to taking them off at night.

To take washing out the machine was a battle and there was no chance of me putting it on the line, that's where the daughters and Phil came in handy. It hard to believe how hard these simple tasks are.

Christine Finney came today, I have been friends with her since Paris & Doyle were in Reception together, seems such a long time ago now, still cant believe they are coming up to their 17th Birthday..

Christine and I chatted for three hours, I honestly don't know where the time went.

It was so lovely to see you Christine, and the giggles.. especially about the Photoshoot I may well go on, in London..

Thank you so much for the flowers and chocolates they are much appreciated.

all my love,

Joanne xxxx

Today I received a letter, its a copy that the Consultant sends to my Doctor.

It gives details of your diagnosis and proposed treatment, your current treatment and the current situation.

My letter includes today that I have had a hysterectomy and oophorectomy some 10 years ago, therefore the hormone treatment I will require is Anastrazole, one a day for the next five years.

It also stated that I will be receiving a DEXA scan shortly and a Bisphosphonate treatment in the form of Zoledronic acid infusion given every 6 months for the next 3 years.

DEXA - (Scan of the bones)

Zoledronic acid infusion - ( Medication for my bones, given by a drip)

My next review will be given face to face, 6 weeks after I have received Radiotherapy.

Monday 12 July Paula came to visit.

I have been friends with Paula ever since I moved into Bigwood Drive when I was 4!

Paula invited me to her birthday party and we have been friends ever since.

Paula.. you top the visiting time! with 5 hours...

We have had some right giggles over the past few visits and facetimes.

Thank you, for the non alcoholic prosecco,

I love you lots my dear friend.

Always Joanne.xx

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