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Thursday 1st July 2021

Today I have spent most of the day on the phone, catching up with the family & friends.

After I've had chemo the phone goes bonkers.. people checking up on me and seeing how I am, which is so lovely, apart from I don't think I got off the phone until 2.30ish today, well I suppose it makes me rest!

Today is also my Mom & Dads 49th Wedding Anniversary, Congratulations to you both, you should be very proud, proving hard work, a lot of patience (Mom) and lots of laughter too is a recipe for a good marriage.

Friday 2nd Saturday 3rd July 2021

I just wanted to share with you all that the 80% chemo has made such a difference this week, although I forgot to take my steroids on Wednesday (oops) so I delayed my Filgrastim injections until last night (Friday), I feel so much better than I have with the past two doses of Docetaxel.

I have lost my taste buds once more and my mouth feels quite unpleasant & my bones ache, but I'm doing good, I'm not in bed!

Today Ben called on his lunch break to check in with me, his facetime calls make me smile, he is such a character and I believe Scarlett will be the same, I love you very much, thank you for your calls.

Britney & Sophie Photoshoot - London

Britney left this morning for London with her Bestie Briggsey.

I love to watch these two have their adventures, today they are visiting London for a Photoshoot with

an amazing Company, owned by Brad, who all I will say is a gentleman. I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures.

The girls also decided on the spur of the moment to climb the 02, which is fab, as life is about making memories, and well the train journey on the way home will I'm sure make you girls giggle for as long as you live..

I'm so glad you had a brilliant day making memories with each other, your friendship is a beautiful one.

I also received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of my long time friends Paula, who I've known since I was 4!! they are now sitting in my conservatory right where I can see them when I have my feet up, that's quite a lot lately...

My Parents

My Mom & Dad visited yesterday & today too, which has been lovely, and funny..

It encountered me and my mom, bossing my dad about, which never happens usually, but he hadn't got a leg to stand on, with both of us at this photo with us laughing, is because of my dad cursing and myself and mom thinking its hysterical we have got our own way!!

Mom & Dad, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your support since this horrible diagnosis.

As some of you are aware, last year in May 2020 my mom lost her brother and then in February this year lost her dad too, its been an awful time, and in between that I was diagnosed in November 2020.

This journey has been hard on myself, but I know how hard it has been on you two, watching me go through what I have done over the past 9 months, as I have imagined putting myself in your shoes and its not something I would want to do... EVER!

Mom, you have called me daily without fail, our facetime calls have kept me going, we have cried and we have laughed together, you have listened to me moan.. something people think I haven't done (if only they knew how much I did) you have kept me strong, with my dad in the background with his own greeting of hello... trying to make light of the situation, if it gets a bit serious..

You have bought me flowers of a weekend and kept Phil in Manor House cake, all these little things have meant the world to me whilst I've been unable to do anything!

I will be forever grateful for your support, I love you dearly and I cherish every moment I get to spend with you.

Thank you, Always

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