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What's Been Happening?

My Man returned back from Abroad!

The past few months have been busy!

As some of you know Phil flew out of the country for work on the 31st October, so its been hard without him although I have had the girls and the dog to keep me busy, if anything it has been harder for Phil as he hasn't had the home comforts and his family around him.. although the Villa with a private pool is an advantage.

The Alexandra Theatre

On The 04th November 2021, I was treated by my sister in law Lucy to a day out at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham to watch Grease with my mom, Steph and Sophie too..

The show was brilliant and with Peter Andre in the show my mom was glued!

After the show we walked over to Miller & Carter in the Mailbox, what a beautiful meal and the service was excellent.

Thank you so much Lucy, I really enjoyed my day out with you, thank you for the memories..

Love you lots xx

November/December 2021

November I did lots of walking, enjoyed the little bit of snow we had, and enjoyed time with my beautiful friend Sarah and her dogs.. Love you Sarah & love our chats. I'm forever grateful for your friendship, kindness, support and love.

December 2021

December was busy...and I loved every minute. after being diagnosed in November 2020, Christmas was a bit of a blur that year and I was recovering from my operation, wondering what lied ahead, as a country we were also having to be careful who we mixed with at Christmas.

This year Christmas 2021..I was going to make the most of it, I was going to be spending time with my friends and family.

In between the family gatherings I also had to have my mammogram, which thankfully was bought forward to the 13 December, although my results would be 2 weeks later, so I would have to wait until after Christmas.!!

However Phil assured me that everything was going to be okay and I should put it at the back of my head, as there was no control over what the results would be, and he was right!

I did receive my results on the 20th December, advising my results were normal.. which was the best Christmas present I could of ever asked for.

Please scroll through my gallery to take a look at some of my fondest memories of December and the friends and family I shared it with..

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